Jacob's Pickles


Since the launch of Jacobs Pickles on the Upper West Side of NY in late 2011, the Pickles team has been committed to sharing their love for food and community. “Everything we do is about bringing good food to good people”, says Jacob. “I couldn’t find this style of food in New York—a sort of back to basics kind of cooking. My father raised me in a neighborhood restaurant in Astoria, Queens. “It’s all about warmth and community for us, always has been.” Since the beginning, we’re proud to have shared our love for home-cooked food, artisanal beer, hand made cocktails, and of course, pickles.


We fell in love with a community that welcomed us with open arms. So we too opened our arms to the garden next door and started a non for profit, Jacob’s Digs NY, to support urban farming. “The garden is initially what drew us to the space, especially this block in the city that has been ignored for so long. Now they are using the space to source its ingredients in the restaurant as well as a place to teach kids about agriculture”. We were honored last year to have been recognized by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer on March 19, 2016 for our community service delivered through our our non-profit, Jacob’s Digs NY. This work is our foundation and inspires us in all we do.


In 2016 we had a wonderful opportunity to revive a landmark space around the block on Broadway and continue the tradition of timeless dining experiences on the Upper West Side. Maison Pickle celebrates another classic dish, The French Dip. The two restaurants are blend of casual necessity and cool, where Jacob’s Pickles can be a little bit country, Maison Pickle is a little bit more retro chic, rock‘n roll.


The son of a restaurateur, Jacob has been passionate about food and design for as long as he can remember. Early on he spent a semester abroad in the Czech Republic, where he fell in love with art, architecture, and artisanal beer. As a student and fencing competitor he traveled widely throughout the United States, and became fascinated with regional specialties and local spice and ingredients. In 2008, Jacob opened Mmmac and Cheese which soon became a go-to destination for comfort food in Boston’s quincy market. Building on his success, he set his sights back on the big apple and realized his dream of bringing food, drink and design to New York city-and is proud to be a part of how food is changing the face of the Upper West side scene.